The Creek’s unique outdoor environment is all about getting children outdoors, getting dirty, learning through exploration, creative expression and play.

Featuring farm themed cubby houses, water play, trike circuits, creek beds, barnyard, chickens and farmers garden where children can learn how to grow and harvest a variety of herbs and vegetables used in our own kitchen. 

Children will love our fresh nutritious food, prepared each day on-site by our Chef.

We will nurture and support every child’s natural curiosity and love for learning through play, while focusing on building trusting and positive relationships. Diverse, natural and challenging spaces help children learn to recognise, assess and negotiate risk and build confidence and competence.

They allow children to play in imaginative and creative ways, which helps them improve their language and collaboration skills.


We will provide the Government approved Kindergarten program delivered by two degree qualified Early Childhood Teachers. In doing this we are ensuring our children are heading off to Prep with all of the skills required to be fully prepared to succeed on every level.

Through structured play, children learn to negotiate, co-operate, create, imagine and solve problems.  The children also discuss ideas with others, investigate, explore and connect with others including the broader community. 

These activities boost social and emotional skills, self-awareness and respect for others.

Play will always remain the primary focus of our Kindergarten timetable, as we continue to support, develop and extend your child’s individualism, ideas, interests and creativity. Our Kindergarten classroom is equipped with an interactive smartboard and is a welcoming environment where children feel confident about becoming increasingly involved learners.

We will provide clear and regular communication about your child’s progress, routine and activities using Storypark. Our Early Childhood Teachers will also complete a ‘Transition Statement’ for each child, to ensure that there is a high quality of continuity of learning and your child is supported in their school learning environment.


Our Pre-Kindy classroom is an exciting environment where our highly qualified and nurturing Educators support children’s social-emotional development and learning. 

The children learn through experimental play and begin to develop important life skills, including socialising, sharing and developing their personal identity, sense of belonging and overall confidence. 

Our Educators gain a keen understanding of each child’s holistic development and extend each child through achievable challenges. Our children are empowered to follow and extend their own interests with enthusiasm and concentration. 

Educators listen intently to children’s ideas and discuss with them how these ideas might be developed and explored. 

Children’s friendships and cooperative play skills are developing rapidly during this age, and our educational programs use peer interactions to extend children’s learning throughout all areas. Our Educators will model communication strategies to support children in initiating interactions and joining in play and social experiences in ways that sustain positive relationships with other children.

We provide clear and regular communications about your child’s progress, routine and activities using Storypark. Our Pre-Kindy children are given unlimited opportunities to engage in play in all of its forms with freedom to explore and experiment, with no limitations on children’s learning opportunities.

Junior Kindy

The routines established in our Toddlers classroom are consolidated here as children become increasingly capable of participating in more difficult activities.

The Educators work within the guidelines of the Early Learning Years Framework and focus on the learning outcomes through teacher led and child led learning activities.

Educators actively support the children to enhance their social skills through group and individual play.

Junior Kindy further develops the child’s skills in relation to music, movement, role play and fine motor activities while following the children’s interests. Children will enjoy a language-rich environment through books and conversations. This classroom allows for the many exciting learning environments based on the children’s interests.

Educators work closely with you to ensure your child’s needs are fully met and to keep you updated on their progress in our happy, play-based program.


Our Toddler program focuses on creating a nurturing environment where children feel safe, secure and supported while developing confidence and independence in their emerging abilities.

Even the youngest of children are provided with opportunities to extend their learning through their interests, and enjoy many art and music based activities.

Our Educators gain a deep understanding of each child’s unique personality, backgrounds and interests and plan specific play-based learning opportunities catered to each child’s individual learning needs.

Learning opportunities are provided to build on and extend each child’s emerging intellectual, social, emotional, physical and language skills.

Central to our warm and caring environment are the close relationships we maintain with our children and their families. We respect the routines established by our families and work hand in hand to create the best possible experience for our children. Clear and regular communications about your child’s progress, routine and activities is provided using Storypark. 

We encourage children to become confident and involved learners as they experiment, explore and investigate throughout every day.


Our nurseries are nurturing and calm environments that reflect discovery, fun and developmental growth for babies from 6 weeks of age.  Children will feel confident to explore and learn.  We all love messy and sensory play.

We value and respect our families who entrust their children to us and work hand in hand with them to uphold the routines established by them for their child, creating the best possible experience from the earliest days onward.

We provide clear and regular communications about your child’s progress, routine and activities using Storypark. Consistent communication between parents and Educators ensures that all needs of the children are always met.

Stimulating activities such as music, movement and art times are used to aid their developmental progress.  We welcome you to stay and play with your child. 

Commercial Kitchen - Nutritious Meals

We believe that the early years are just so important when it comes to establishing healthy behaviours, as they pave the way for a lifetime of health and wellbeing.

Fresh nutritious food is prepared each day on-site by our Chef. Our menu regularly changes and includes a range of nutritious and culturally diverse choices.

We provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, snacks, drinks and water.

Our menu is based on the Get Up and Grow Australian Government Guidelines and provides recommended servings of the 5 basic food groups:

  • Vegetables and legumes/beans
  • Fruit
  • Grain (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain and/or high cereal fibre varieties such as bread, cereal, rice, pasta, noodles, polenta, couscous, oats, quinoa and barley
  • Lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds, and legumes/beans
  • Milk, yoghurt, cheese and/or alternatives, mostly reduced-fat (reduced-fat milk is not suitable for children under the age of two years)